About Me

John Geraghty (aka SmashHarry) is a songwriter, producer, sound engineer, pianist, author and teacher, modern artist and fashion designer. He started playing piano from the age of seventeen and after having an epiphany at college he realised his only focus in life was to become a professional songwriter. For the next five years, he practised the piano for thirty-six hours everyday and every week, totalling approximately six-five thousand five hundred hours of practice, in order to catch up with his peers who by then were already grade 8.

During this time he learnt classical piano from his first teacher Diane Tigg, ("she was my best teacher ever!") who taught him a strong foundation in reading, technique, phrasing, articulation, ear training and music theory. At the same time he took it upon himself to study jazz, pop, blues, country, funk and latin piano playing as well as songwriting and producing.

"Learning classical piano gave me the greatest foundation, not only is the music amazing and beautiful but you're learning from the original teachers; Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Bach, Schumann to name a few."

Before his passion for music came along John used to draw so he uses his DAW (Cubase), as his outlet to create a “picture of his music”. This is where his production skills come in. You can hear his latest work “Fools Paradise” written and produced by himself under the name SmashHarry featuring Alan Doonan on lead vocals.

While learning his craft twenty seven years ago he had to pay the bills so one year after his epiphany he started teaching private lessons in piano and guitar.

Around ten years ago, while on a songwriting bootcamp he met another songwriter Simon Surtees who has been his main co-writer ever since. Watch this space for our new hit song/music video!

Moving forward to 2010 he began writing The Complete Classical Piano Course which took around six and half years to complete.

"Most people would write one book, I had a vision to write four books, 3 audio cds and record 1000 videos!...I'm pretty patient."

He worked with great musicians including hit songwriter Michael Garvin (Never Give Up on A Good Thing - George Benson) on his new jazz instrumental album. Currently he is rehearsing with Verity Burgess (Evita, Cats) on a new music project.

Never stopping, he is in the process of writing a new music book which will help all songwriters and producers how to play by ear from beginner to advanced jazz harmony, working on a music video, writing an article for the PIANIST magazine, setting up his new fashion line and working on a short horror film with movie director Chris Hallas starring Tim Gutteridge.

His artwork MIZULE has just been shortlisted for the RA Summer Exhibition 2019 in London.

On his downtime, he reads, works out at the gym, watches movies and hangs out with his friends.